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Quincy Weigert is an artist who needs little introduction in the world of dance music. Steadily releasing charting and heavily supported music for years now, his unique brand of progressive sounds has resulted in a staggering support list from superstar DJs such as: Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten, Dash Berlin, and Cosmic Gate to name a few. Quincy maintains an emphasis on quality over quantity to showcase only the best records.

Quincy has landed on mega labels Armada Music and Black Hole Recordings while continuing to devote the majority of his time to fresh studio projects. Also appearing on labels such as Mondo (UK) and Spellbinding (UK), Quincy has seen success within the global dance charts after having his track Cloud 10 make a statement in the Beatport Top 100 followed by his EP release Opiates In The Opera that charted as high as #3 in Beatport's Top 100 Release section.

Quincy has made his mark with countless other hits and featured releases at both and “Limits Of Blue” took over the #2 spot within's U.K Top 100. Continuing on to massive charting hit single “Sweet Sugar Sin” that took over at #3 in the U.K Top 100. That momentum led to the follow up on Mondo Records, The Red Room EP with both tracks being featured releases and Top 100’s. “The Red Room” charted at #2 seeing support from Paul Oakenfold and many in the A-list. Quincy's profile continues to grow across all major platforms. With a Soundcloud and Youtube channel responsible for well over a million streams. Eleven Beatport Top 100's. Nine charting releases in Apple Music and a growing presence on Spotify, there is no limit for Quincy. 

As a DJ, Quincy offers an incredible vision for live entertainment. His ability to engage audiences through his personalized sets, elevates the awareness of his listeners while guiding them on an unprecedented journey. Having played main stage sets internationally, Quincy has secured his position as one of the most anticipated global acts of the moment. Reaching out to a new generation of dance music lovers and set to ignite the scene with his inspired selection. The future is bright for this rising star as his focus broadens to accommodate a more involved tour schedule for the future. Stay tuned!


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"Quincy Weigert has numerous releases on top labels including Create Music, Mondo Records among many others and now on Flashover Trance with Stories In The Sky. The track is a magnificent slice of Uplifting Trance with a cool variety of synth plucks that create a happy vibe while the main lead is more ravy and dark adding punch and energy. The groove and rhythm are infectious, the final result encourages the listener to dance along and feel the adrenaline run thick and fast. Quincy has potential and we are sure Ferry Corsten has noticed that very well. Love it!" - Flux BPM  

"American producer Quincy Weigert has quite an impressive catalogue behind him, but releasing for the first time on Lange Recordings, Quincy brings his big-room sound to the Lange loyal in a spellbinding debut 'South Eden'. Proving he's a producer with a wealth of production knowledge behind him, 'South Eden' kicks off with a deep, growling bass line deftly littered with tightly produced FX, quirky touches and an unrelenting groove. Destined for mainstages, 'South Eden' powerful energy coupled with delicate melodic touches and an emotive lead create an encompassing end product perfect for a debut on Lange Recordings. We're impressed and looking forward to hearing plenty more from Quincy, this is South Eden." - Lange Recordings // Enhanced Music

"After taking the globe by storm with his Mondo Records debut single ‘Limits Of Blue’, Quincy Weigert returns to the fold with his latest offering in the form of ‘Sweet Sugar Sin’. Once you get into the track, you’ll quickly understand how it got its name. With the lush rolling groove, plucky keys and sumptuous summer chords all playing their part, it’s easy to see why the trance fraternity are going to love this track. Quincy’s attention to detail and expert craftsmanship really shine through as he delivers yet another epic masterpiece. One to watch in 2015!" - Mondo Records

"Quincy Weigert who's becoming somewhat of a permanent fixture here at Spellbinding, delivers one of his biggest tracks to date with October's Eve. The main melody is catchy and one that's sure to stick in your head. Solid stuff once again from the American producer!" - Spellbinding Records

"One of dance music's most exciting attributes is the fact that it is never stagnant. Constantly reinventing itself with new ideas. The appearance of new and promising artists who give it their all, telling their tale through the music medium is another glorious thing we love about the genre. One of these artists is an up and coming producer that goes by the name of Quincy Weigert. This talented artist has been steadily riding the wave of success over the years, as he has been frequently supported by some of the scene's finest including "Paul Oakenfold", "Markus Schulz", "Cosmic Gate", "Ferry Corsten" and many more. His new release is out now on all major dance music portals via "Nethertape Records" and it is a riveting one at that. "Ad Astra" kicks things off like a locomotive in full force. Growling basslines, rhythmical percussion and a wondrous otherworldly theme is eloquently been laid out by the artist. Female vocal wails add an extra bit of flair to the emotional charged atmosphere that begins to form all around. A medley of melancholic melodies sweeps in as tiny droplets of luscious melodies and overpowering synths give the joyous listener the tendency and feeling that time is rapidly running out, much like the sand in an hourglass, precious and valuable like life itself. A powerful, adventurous tune that will easily gain a place in the audience's hearts and the DJ's digital crates! Majestic and euphoric!" - Review provided via Music Talk 15 by Kostas W Voulgaris 

Heralding from the U.S.A, Quincy Weigert has already featured on Lange's other label, Lange Recordings with the superb South Eden. Cloud 10 is a darker story. Right from the off, it carries you on an infectious driving groove of drums and bass. After you've reached sufficient altitude you find yourself gliding into an atmospherical breakdown. Melodies rise and percussions build until the highest peak is reached. At full throttle Cloud 10 pushes forward giving a breathtaking view before it's time for the ascent." - Create Music // Black Hole Recordings

"Quincy Weigert opens his 2016 account on Mondo Records with two more big room club destroyers, forming his brand new 'The Red Room' EP. Kicking off with the 'The Red Room' its a big and ballsie number with its chunky groove, hypnotic vibes and deep bass warbles. Quincy sure knows how to craft big room club monsters and comes up with the goods once more. On the flip we have 'In A World Of My Own', which continues in the same vein 'The Red Room' left off, adding more beef and filthy electronic vibes to the package. Two jaw dropping cuts here from Quincy Weigert, do not miss!" - Mondo Records

"As Quincy Weigert continues to add to his discography and make waves in today's scene, he returns nicely to Spellbinding with his next hit Temptations Theme! One for producing the more melodic side of progressive trance, Quincy delves into the darker moody vibes with a track that oozes catchy leads throughout!" - Spellbinding Records  

"American DJ/Producer "Quincy Weigert" has been hard at work conjuring up new music like his very life may depend on it. Now he's back with a surreal new E.P that will undoubtedly delight your aural senses! The "Wild Side E.P" will soon be out on his home label "Nethertape Records". It consists of two enthralling tunes: "Wild Side" and "Trust In The Wind". Let us sit back, relax and dig deep into each of these tunes shall we? "Wild Side": Pumping basslines, deep, dark buzzing grooves and female chopped vox are only the tip of the iceberg here. All these elements are assembled perfectly, forming the rich and intricate atmosphere found within the artist's own imagination. The imminent arrival of a captivating vocal performance by the singer is welcomed greatly, much like a bright beacon illuminating all that lies in her path and piercing the ongoing darkness. Her emotional tinged vocals paired up alongside the dark, brooding beats will undoubtedly send shivers down your spines. The mysterious, spooky and magical melodies that arise like a full moon perfectly complement the vibe at hand. Wild, mysterious and wonderful! "Trust In The Wind": The second tune on the "Wild Side E.P" is in a bit of a rush to get things moving. It appears to be the more aggressive tune of the bunch. We are quickly ushered into a world overrun by rumbling basslines, quaky synths and infectious melodies. Brief whisks of chopped vox, like a gust of wind on an autumn day, bring a refreshing hint to the tune. Simultaneously the distinct euphoric melodies carry us away alongside the brief surges of darkness. Upbeat, addictive and powerful as they come! The "Wild Side E.P" is definitely a killer two track E.P that will have the dance music fans devouring it from the first to the last beat!" - Review provided via Music Talk 15 by Kostas W Voulgaris

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